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Rumors of our demise have been GREATLY EXAGGERATED! Like the Phoenix we will rise again to give you the services you deserve!


We feel it is important for us to keep the promises we made to you our loyal Members and Exhibitors!! Therefore, as we promised all refunds for attendees and exhibitors have been completed and disbursed!

Education for On-Site Wastewater Management Association (EforOWM) is a new association. We are proudly not associated with any other associations in the Great State of Texas.

The individuals on this board previously ran the highly successful annual wastewater conference in Waco. We had the highest rate of attendance. But that is not where the problems came in. Individuals leave for many reasons but ours are the same. We started a new association due to fundamental, moral, and ethical differences in management principles. Too much politics and not enough helping each other is never a good combination in any non-profit association. We previously had new and innovative ideas. Ways to implement, improve the conferences (and were approved by the board) that are now being touted as their ideas (if you would like documentation ask for meeting minutes – the proof is there).

This organization, EforOWM, was formed as an association that is focused on you not a chosen few! We remain dedicated to helping you earn the CEUs needed to maintain your license in the Texas On-site Wastewater Management Industry. EforOWM is a non-profit association that provides an annual, affordably priced conference for attendees to get the necessary TCEQ approved CEUs. Providing consistent and up-to-date information on state rule changes is one of our pledges to our members.

This year we have been hit by a meaningless, frivolous lawsuit that prohibited us from having a conference as soon as we planned but we assure you of one thing – the heartbeat goes on and we will have a wonderful, state-of-the-art and inspired conference. Innovative ideas, open communication, and information is our pledge to you. A pledge we will keep.

When we were sued and we reviewed the paperwork we were a little confused. So, extensive research was conducted and the findings proved that a major organization had already tried this and could not win this type of lawsuit (which means legal presentence has been established) and upheld repletely. Why would an organization disperse membership monies to attack a new organization if both organizations were truly looking out for their membership and the health and safety of the Great State of Texas? This has been a waste of time, energy and money. That is the only reason we are not providing a conference.

EforOWM is concerned bringing you an informative annual conference at an affordable rate. We do not base our pricing around what the industry will allow. We will not participate in a bidding war that is only based on the competition and then lower our rates. In our opinion, that is no way to run a non-profit association. We have a working board and NO Executive Director. The highly-qualified individuals that head up this association are responsible for these duties. We have a diverse board to do these duties. Our board members work for our membership in cooperation and guidance from TCEQ. If we see legislation that may impact the industry in any way, we will consult our membership, plan, and act. We have already proven this to you.

Our website has already provided articles of incorporation, by-laws, meeting minutes and changes in rules and regulation. Transparency is a good thing. Since we have a lot of experience in the newsletter and making it better (in color) our newsletter is not just a hollow promise; we will publish several times a year and will post them to the website

Planning for our next annual conference has already begun. Please register as a member (that is no cost) to be kept up to date. If you have any speaker or location ideas, please contact us.